Nomadology: The War Machine



     Nomadology was recorded two years ago in a cabin on Admiralty Island, AK. The name of the album comes from a chapter in Deleuze and Guattari’s Capitalism and Schizophrenia titled Treatise on Nomadology- The War Machine. Most of the songs were written as I was either living subsistence, or as a hobo (in other words, nomadic). This book was a great source of bringing forth ideas that helped reflect not only on my own existence, but to those struggling in similar ways around me, and to anyone who felt some form of alterity in the world. Basically, I just had an overwhelming feeling that I could no longer populate an illusion, and wanted to understand why? I wanted to believe that nomadism was a viable alternative to a despotic structure, and that living this way was more than just a sporadic breakdown, but something meaningful.

     The phrase War Machine, which is also the introduction to the album, can be misleading because it carries the connotation of being some violent military mechanism. It is only called this because the ideas derived are based on Pierre Clastres’ ethnological theories of Native Amazonian cultures. He observed that their understanding of hierarchy was much different than what is found in Western culture (essentially non-existent). And when warfare did break out, it was used as a mechanism in preventing a formation of the State (in opposition to most societies use of war in progression of the State), defined as “the perpetuation or conservation of organs of power.” War is not the main objective of the War Machine, but rather deterritorializing the coalescence of sovereignty. It is a tool of resistance used by the nomad.

     I think of any movement or social assemblage that works in this way as being its own nomadic war machine. Today, there are so many important movements promulgating against different forms of oppression, but they still often seem to be operating within the interiority of the State. To be nomadic is to be completely autonomous, and that is the only way the War Machine is meant to function. I know that is a big part of the reason why so many, as well as myself, ever became hobos in the first place. It started as an act of activism, and eventually became a way of life.

     In a sense, Nomadology is a concept album that binds much of this ideology with the stories or thoughts I was surrounded by. There’s really nothing pretty about it. It is raw, stripped down, unpolished music that I do not think could exist (as a War Machine) in any other way.


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